Epic wine man is the Isaiah Mustafa of grapes

by 5 years ago

We’ve haven’t talked much wine here on Guyism, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be informed. From a night out at a fancy restaurant to a piece of shit picnic you didn’t want to go on, there’s always room for wine.

Wine is a tricky grape to crush. Most guys don’t even realize that many of the names with which they’re familiar are actually the grape names. Merlot? Yeah, that’s not exactly a type of wine; that’s a variety of grape. Think of it like referring to Hudson Baby Bourbon as “a corn” or WhistlePig as “a rye,” only socially acceptable. When in doubt, come back and watch this video and then wing it. What could possibly go wrong? Just don’t refer to it as “vino,” because you sound like a douchebag.

Watch a Super-Manly California Wine Tutorial [Eater]


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