ESPN fails at censoring A-Rod interview

by 5 years ago

The Yankees smear campaign is taking a toll on Alex Rodriguez. Ahead of Game 4 in Detroit, A-Rod fielded questions from a swarm of reporters following rumors of flirting in the stands and a trade to the Marlins.

He handled himself fairly well given the circumstances but did finally crack after one question.

Reporter: There’s a report out there that says the Yankees are in trade talks with the Marlins…about you.

A-Rod: Listen, there’s blood in the water. And when you don’t play well, I haven’t played well. Some of the criticism I’ve received, I’ve been here nine years, I can take that. Well deserved. But that other stuff, gossip, Page 6, I don’t give a shit about that.

A-Rod swearing is mildly amusing here. But the mute button FAIL from ESPN was much more entertaining.

You had ONE job, ONE job man!

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