9 smartphone applications that all guys should own

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Best Smartphone Apps

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As guys, we’re living in an exciting era. Modern cell phone technology delivers a wealth of knowledge and entertainment directly to our fingertips and, as a result, saves us a lot of time and potential headaches. Our poor fathers had to attempt to figure out a lot of this junk on their own. Here’s a collection of certain smartphone applications that all guys should own and why. Some are oldies, some are new, some are ridiculous, some are practical, but all of them are a necessary addition to your phone’s collection. And by all means, feel free to add your own guy app suggestions in the comment section below.

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9 Pandora
It’s nothing new, but Pandora really is one of the best ways to broaden your musical tastes. Simply create a radio station using one of your favorite artists and it will play songs by that artist and begin to recommend songs by similar artists that you might enjoy. You can give that artist a thumbs up or down and from there Pandora will take your opinion into consideration with future recommendations. It’s the snowball effect in musical form.

8 The Weather Channel
This should be a no-brainer. Don’t go planning a day at the beach when you have no clue if there might be a hurricane or not. Long gone are the days of licking your fingertip and holding it up to the wind. Get your 10-day forecast with a swift push of a button and be the first one to ruin your girlfriend’s night when you tell her it’ll be pouring rain tomorrow, so the picnic’s off.

7 Score Mobile
Or any other sports app should do the trick. Instant access to all of your favorite sports scores and news makes whoever you’re currently spending face time with suddenly unimportant. If you can’t be watching the game because of a prior engagement that you don’t even want to be attending in the first place, then this app is your second best option.

6 Google Sky Map
Impress the ladies when you take them out for that moonlit walk on the beach. Point out constellations and planets with ease. Educating yourself in the process isn’t such a bad idea either. Maybe you’ll finally learn that the world doesn’t actually revolve around you.

5 Tippy Tipper
This little app will help save yourself a lot of embarrassment and prevent you from popping a blood vessel as you painfully try to remember something that you learned way back in the sixth grade. Simply enter the total bill amount and drag the sliding bar to the tip percentage amount you desire (at least 18%, you cheap bastard). It also allows you to split the total by however many people might be in your party. This will save you a potential fist-fight with that cheap friend of yours. You know who I mean.

4 Code Red
In a recent article, fellow Guyism contributor, Caitlin Thornton mentioned that tracking women’s menstrual cycles is a dealbreaker for women when dating guys. That may be so, but it won’t stop us from doing it. Knowing this information can save us a lot of unnecessary conflict. So grab this app, which allows you to monitor your partner’s cycle and warns you when PMS time is near (yikes) or when it might be an ideal time to get frisky (woohoo!).

3 Angry Birds
Back in the day, whenever you were stuck in a “waiting” situation, you were beyond miserable. Thanks to this ridiculously stupid, yet addicting game, waiting for your girl to try on clothes at the mall, or hanging out while your car is being serviced, or waiting for your wife to finish giving birth, suddenly becomes a painless experience. Time seems to fly by as you help these ticked off birds in their attempt to get their eggs back from a bunch of greedy, odd structure-building pigs.

2 Shazam
Shazam has also been around for quite a while, but if you don’t have it, then you’re still that annoying person who calls out “Who sings this song?” or “What’s this song called?” Stop doing that and get this app, which can identify a song whether you hear it on TV, in an elevator, or while you’re out looking for new friends since your old ones abandoned you for always asking them “What song is this?”.

1 DTF Analyzer
Listen, some of us were born with the ability to judge how DTF a girl might be. While some of us, just weren’t. Especially if you’ve been out drinking all night and your radar is slightly skewed, the DTF Analyzer is a fun application that can save you from a potentially awkward “morning after”. Simply snap a photo of a girl, and then watch as the DTF Analyzer scans her face and gives you a percentage of how DTF she is. It’ll even go so far as to warn you whether or not you’ve got a “hippo” or “grenade” on your hands in its own special way. The results never fail to be entertaining. But just a warning, don’t try it on your mom or your sister… the results can be traumatizing.

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