Even cutting boards are getting iPad stands

By 11.29.12

Look, the iPad is popular, and even useful for learning about cooking, but this is getting to be a little much.

Chef Sleeve

Chef Sleeve

If you were wondering, no, it does not have a charger built into it, or anything else. It just has a slot in the top for you to insert your iPad, so you can look at instructional videos or read a digital cookbook while chopping.

To be fair, it’s a nice cutting board. It’s got non-slip feet, a juice groove to catch fluids, it’s dishwasher safe, and it’s made of a compressed wood resin, so it’s enviromentally friendly.

Which, you know, is nice and all but we can’t help suspecting that the word “iPad” is adding a bit of a markup to this cutting board. Especially since you can find lots of cutting boards for under twenty bucks and this one somehow, some way, runs you $70.

But, hey, what do we know, right? For all we know, it’s really tough to put a groove into a cutting board to hold up a tablet! We’re sure this isn’t just trying to separate Apple fans from their money! Honest!

Cutting Board With iPad Stand [Chef Sleeve]

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