EyeTV adds a TV antenna to your iPad

by 5 years ago

If you’re on the road a lot, and really want to see, say, a football game broadcast over the air on your iPad, your options are to either sign up for an expensive service, or burn a lot of data, or both.



The EyeTV adds a third option: Just plug an old-school TV antenna in and watch it that way. Although there is, of course, a catch.

That catch is that the antenna won’t just feed the signal directly into your iPad, but instead uses a proprietary system called Dyle, which is oddly limiting in the sense that, for example, in my metro area, I get… three networks. There’s no particular reason, technological or otherwise, to limit the EyeTV to this network, and it’s an odd choice.

That said, it is a fairly convenient little device. It doesn’t touch your data plan, and it does allow you to pause live TV and, say, take care of a few emails before going back to the game.

True, it’s $100, but ask anybody stranded at the airport: Any controllable port in a storm.

EyeTV [Official Site]

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