Facebook on Android updates with more chat features

By 09.21.12

Got Facebook? Want to talk with friends on your phone via Facebook? Download the update and you’ll discover it’s pretty simple to do that. Just open the app and swipe to the left.

facebook on android


Facebook got an overhaul that seems fairly subtle at first but turns out to be a major improvement to the app’s functionality. Essentially, just like the menu is in a ‘drawer’ to the left that you swipe right, swiping left will pull out what’s essentially a friend’s list. It tells you who’s online, who isn’t, and who’s available.

Secondly, the chat system has gotten a layout that will look incredibly familiar to fans of iOS devices. But it is nicer and easier to read. I found that it treated chatting on Facebook more like texting. If you use Facebook Messenger for some inexplicable reason, you’ll also find that app is syncing with your texts. In short, it’s a fairly useful set of features that makes chatting a lot easier.

I guess forcing everyone in the company to use the Android app is actually paying dividends.

A New Design for Messenger [Facebook]

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