Facebook to launch a “social calling” service

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It’s rare that anything of note happens in France these days, but French cell carrier Orange just announced a deal with Facebook that should catch attention. Essentially, you can “call” your Facebook friends without actually knowing their mobile number, and even put together group “calls.”



Annoyance ahoy!

True, we’ve got conference calls and calling people by name, but it’s really leaving out the mobile number part that’s both attention getting and an absolutely terrible idea.

Why is it a bad idea? I can prove why in a minute. Just go to Facebook, open up your list of friends, and ask yourself how many of these people you really want to be able to call you on a whim. Bored guy who constantly wants to chat? Crazy ex you keep tabs on to make sure she isn’t violating the restraining order? Your parents? They may not have your cell number, but Facebook wants to make sure they don’t need it to annoy you.

It is an intriguing idea in many respects, but since Facebook tends to implement new “features” without asking and deciding you totally want them, it might be a good idea to pare down your friends list now, rather than when you start getting unwanted calls.

The Facebook Mobile Plot Thickens [TechCrunch]

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