FastRack makes cleaning up beer bottles a breeze

by 5 years ago

Cleaning up empties after a party is a pain in the ass. No matter how dedicated your friends are to drinking all 12 ounces, undoubtedly a little remains behind. A new invention, FastRack, aims to fix that problem.


You can file this invention under, so absurdly obvious that it’s brilliant. I’ve spent countless (because I’m lazy, not because I can’t add) hours picking up and emptying beer bottles after parties. The last thing I want to do when hungover is smell stale beer as I clean up. The FastRack seems like a great way to speed up that miserable process, or better yet, have my friends to do it for me while I keep getting hammered. It’s been years of fruitless attempts to get people to dump and ditch their bottles throughout the night, but this might just work. Plus it will finally make it apparent when some friend is being that douche who drinks half a beer, forgets about it, then cracks open a new one.

One of their main selling points is the ability to easily recycle. I can’t fault them for pushing that angle, and it looks to work pretty damn well. I’m an asshole though and just throw mine in the trash. What can I say, there’s no deposit in Chicago, and I’m not as environmentally conscientious as our neighbors to the North. I never have a problem with breaking bottles in the garbage can because I have a touch as soft as a baby’s butt, no pedo, but I still could use a way to drain twelve bottles at once without having to stand over the sink dumping three at a time. In a world as efficient as ours, I shouldn’t be charged with such a menial yet time consuming task.

Whether you’re an avid homebrewer, bar owner, or just a guy who wants a faster way to clean up after a party, FastTrack will help get the job done. Check out their site here.


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