Female game characters wear less than male game characters, study shows

By 12.28.12

Yet another crack research team that has uncovered the obvious. Clarification: a crack research team that needed to consult Second Life.

Second Life


According to Polygon, researchers in Canada have published a report that’s entitled Virtually Naked: Virtual Environment Reveals Sex-Dependent Nature of Skin Disclosure. The researched was done purely in Second Life (yeah, I know).

By studying 404(?) avatars, specifically “humanoid avatars that were not covered by fur” (translation: they weren’t furries), it was discovered that “virtual females disclose substantially more naked skin than virtual males.”

They also came to another groundbreaking conclusion, that those controlling scantily clad avatars are perhaps do so to “accentuate sexuality and attract attention”. That’s some Nobel prize winning info, right there.

I know what you’re thinking/asking:

1. Yeah, females wear less to look sexy. Just like in real life. Who’d have thunk it?

2. I have no idea how much time and money was wasted on such an effort. Nor why such dimwitted studies must always have such vague concepts and wonky samplings.

3. If they had chosen to include furries, how much larger would the numbers be? My best is at least 500,000.

On a total coincidental note, Kotaku just posted this clip of water birth that took place in the same game…

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