Finally, beer cans being turned into bicycles with ReCycle

by 5 years ago

ReCycle wants to turn out bicycles that are 100% recycled. They also want to make bikes that don’t suck. So far, they seem to be doing an admirable job of achieving both.



Yeah, yeah, yeah, they’re environmentally friendly, made out of recycled rubber and aluminum as well as renewable resources like cork, blah blah blah. You probably will only memorize this stuff to impress the gender of your choice when they compliment you on your bike. And while that’s important, it’s also important to stress these are, well, actually really well designed bikes.

First and foremost, they’ve got a belt drive instead of chain. What does this mean? It means no more oiling, no rust, no grease that gets on your pants, and no maintenance. You can just actually use your bike to get around without hauling an entire toolkit with you! Secondly, it has an internal hub for its gears, meaning a smoother ride and less maintenance.

Of course, all of this comes at a cost: Currently these bikes start at $2000. But they look to be worth it, both for getting around and hitting on people.

ReCycle [Official Site]


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