Finally, the Incredible Hulk made the cover of a fitness magazine

by 6 years ago

The Avengers is coming out in mere weeks and the nerd hype is palpable. How palpable? Somehow, fitness magazine Muscle & Fitness is featuring the Incredible Hulk on the cover of its May issue.

Muscle and Fitness

I hope it includes the Incredible Hulk workout plan of A) Shoot yourself with gamma rays and B) Attempt to control anger but fail miserably with great regularity. And they say women are the only ones suffering from body dysmorphia. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO COMPETE WITH MUSCLE & FITNESS’S STANDARDS OF BEAUTY WHEN THEY’RE 8 FEET TALL, GREEN, AND OBSCENELY VASCULAR?????

New Hulk Image on the Cover of Muscle & Fitness Magazine [Comingsoon]

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