FloJack gives your iPhone NFC capability

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The latest tech fad in smartphones is NFC, or near field communications. Basically it’s a tiny little radio built into your phone that you can, for example, wave over a sensor and pay for your stuff with. Mostly, if people use NFC, they use it for Android Beam, an incredibly useful little app that lets you send files between two Android devices.



Apple doesn’t use NFC… but that’s where FloJack comes in.

Despite sounding like a tampon remover, the FloJack is simplicity itself. Built by NFC company Flomio, imply plug it into your smartphone’s headphone jack, not unlike other mobile payment tools like Square or Intuit’s GoPayment, and you’ll be able to use any app that has NFC capability.

The one problem is that it doesn’t draw power from your phone. Instead it needs a battery plugged into the back, which lasts from three months to a year. Which is really kind of a pain in the ass, but what can you do?

If you’re interested in this, the good news is that you can fairly quickly get on the ground floor, courtesy of a Kickstarter.

FloJack [Kickstarter]

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