Florida woman arrested for twerking in front of a school bus

by 4 years ago

Sometimes you’ve just that feeling in your limbs and you need to get your groove on. Understandable. But try to keep from catching twerking fever while in front of a school bus.

homeless twerk

Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Valerie Dixon, 27, was arrested after showing off her sick dance moves in Lake County, Fla.

Police say Dixon hopped in front of the bus full of children, bent over, grabbed her ankles, and began twerking.

The arresting officer claimed that Dixon was “dancing in a vulgar manner” with one of her hands on her ankle while the other was “grasping her genital area.”

Officers believe that Dixon is homeless.

Dixon was charged with disorderly conduct. She was released the following day on a $250 bond.

I don’t blame the officers for reacting with an arrest. Do you see this woman to your left? Ravishing beauty. Her chin hairs indicate a life of romantic experience that fragile child minds are just not ready for. Pure seduction.


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