Fox News warned of ‘Halo 4’ possibly affecting the election

By 11.07.12

Obama was able to retain the Presidency, but only by the narrowest of margins. Did Master Chief and Halo 4 play a part?

Fox News

Yesterday, perhaps knowing that their guy was going to lose, and looking to pin the blame on anyone/anything other than the obvious reasons, Fox News published a fairly wacky article, even by their standards.

It basically suggests that the release of Halo 4 may keep gamers from voting. Which, to be honest, is not the craziest of assertions, but Fox News approaches the possibility in the dumbest way possible.

The bulk of the articles is built around quotes from people who have impressive sounding titles, but otherwise are total mysteries due to their lack of credentials. We also have no idea where they’re getting their intel.

Like Mark LoCastro, a public relations manager, but for whom and what, we don’t know. He states: “I’m not voting this year… And if I look at the guys I game with and guess whether or not they’ll vote, [only] about three out of eight will vote.” Okay, nice anecdote, but is this actual, useful info?

Then we have Charles King, a tech analyst. He says polling data suggests that young people are less interested in the elections this year than in 2008, hence why the only lines some might be in is the one at Gamestop to pick up the game. Sounds reasonable I guess, but what data is this exactly?

But my favorite is Jon Peddie, a gaming analyst, who says: “The idiots who can’t get a date and look at the women’s breasts in the games will definitely find Halo 4 more interesting than something that requires thinking.”

That sure does sound like a guy who actually went to school or worked at the appropriate jobs to earn the title of analyst and not some douche who acts like he knows everything about everyone, based upon vague assumptions and stereotypes (and is like most talking heads on news programs). Yup.

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