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We're big fans of Game of Thrones here on Guyism so as a treat for our readers, here are some sexy and gory GIFs from the first two seasons.

The very beginning of the Stark-Lannister feud.

Sums up how we all feel about King Joffrey.

Khaleesi and her dragons


And this is how you rip someone's throat out.


We'd show you a GIF of Cersei getting bent over by her brother, but you know, incest and all.

You can't spell 'pimp' without 'imp.'

Like many other things on GOT, Ros' vagina has magical powers.

Even the Hound gets rattled.

From one giant to another.

If only that dump took place on Joffrey's head.

Zombie apocalypse y'all.


I hate you Sansa.

Our first look at the White Walkers.

Yes indeed...F-ck the King!

They certainly like to decapitate things on this show.

Grab a pad and stop complaining Sansa.

I blame Time magazine.

Man, Theon was in the middle of a great speech too.

He did always want a gold crown.

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