GAME Pad is the hotel suite of a gamer’s dreams

By 12.14.12

A lot of people rent luxury suites to bang hookers and do blow. While some simply want to play video games. Right? Right?



GAME is a UK based retailer that specializes in, what else, video games. But they appear to be getting into the hotel business, via the GAME Pad.

According to Polygon, it’s a hotel room found within the Staybridge Suites in London Stratford City that they’ve furnished. Inside you’ll find a PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii (not the brand new, just release Wii U, but the regular one).

Well, given that most hotels are still rocking the GameCube, I guess what GAME is doing is an improvement? Oh, and each system has its own dedicated 40 inch display, plus accompanying games.

Plus there’s a fridge stocked with pizza, snacks, soda, and booze, plus a king size bed. Plenty of room for that lady in your life who will invariably throw herself onto you, for the chance to spend an evening in such a magical place for just one evening.

That and how there’s plenty of room for your bro, the person you’ll actually be brining, to share the bed without any fear of touching each other.

So how much does all this cost? $320 a night American.

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