George Bush’s severed head cameos on ‘Game of Thrones’

by 6 years ago
Game Of Thrones


This is apparently a bad thing? So you know on Game Of Thrones when Ned Stark’s noggin gets posted on a sharp stick outside of King’s Landing to just make us hate dumb stupid Joffrey even more? Did you ever wonder who those other heads belonged to?

One of them belongs to the 43rd President of the United States, and HBO is in deep doo-doo over it. Apparently when they were setting up the scene, the prop masters ran out of generic heads to use and had to settle for whatever they had lying around – which just happened to be W’s dome. They covered it with a long wig and nobody actually noticed until showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss pointed it out in commentary on the DVD. And then the world lost it.

Brooklyn Republican Party chairman Craig Eaton: “Americans of all political persuasions should stand up and demand that things like this should not continue. They should boycott watching this particular show … It doesn’t matter what their intent is. They didn’t intend it to be political, but now that it is, they should remove it.”

Oh, Jesus Christ. Look at that picture above. You wouldn’t know it was the Decider, Mr. Mission Accomplished, unless somebody told you. The fact that you’re calling for a boycott over something so trivial just shows how much of a jiveass you are.

Of course, both HBO and Benioff & Weiss issued cringing, toady apologies and promised to delete the head from any re-airings and DVD releases. America, this is the world you’ve made. Winter is coming.

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