Gerber Go Bag: For when the Commies invade

By 11.19.12

As we all know, it’s only a matter of time before somebody invades Colorado, according to Hollywood. So if you live in Colorado, or a state you believe a country will actually invade as a smokescreen to invading Colorado, the Gerber Go Bag will probably be something you want to keep on your person.

Tactical Go Bag


Essentially, it’s a pre-packed survival bag. It comes with a lot of military tools that are actually useful if you’re going to be out in the woods for a while, such as a multi-plier with a sight adjustment tool for an AR-15 (specifically, Gerber’s MP-600), a EZ-Out DPSF (a handy knife you can open one-handed), a small flashlight, a water bottle, a rainproof notepad, and a copy of the Pocket Reference Guide. Oh, also a tube of Frog Lube for your firearms.

If this sounds a little drastic for a hunting trip… well, you’re probably right. But what are the holidays about if not being drastic? Give this to the hunter or survivalist in your life for the mere cost of $275.

Go Bag [Gerber]

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