Google Maps gets an overhaul, sticks it to Apple

by 5 years ago

Let me save you some time: If you can possibly keep Google Maps on your iPhone, do it. Apple hasn’t turned out a product this terrible since maybe the Newton, or possibly the Pippin. The point is, Apple’s map application blows, and Google, likely well aware of how bad it was going to be, just introduced a great upgrade to twist the knife.

google maps

Google Maps

Essentially, it introduces cross-platform functionality. This is nerd speak for “Type an address into Google Maps while you’re signed into your Google Account on your computer, and that address will also appear on your phone.”

That may sound a bit inside-baseball, but stop and consider for a moment how much time that’s going to save you. Google also noted that they were working harder to improve accuracy and auto-complete, meaning if you’re in Texas and search for “Paris,” the maps will be smart enough to know you’re looking for Paris, TX, not a city in France.

In short, Google Maps is about to get much better right when Apple is going to cut millions of people off from it. Enjoy your iPhone!

Google Updates Android Maps App as Apple Moves On [New York Times]

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