Google Music decides to self-censor or stop censoring at random

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There’s nothing quite like listening to a song in all its uncensored glory. One of the problems with radio is that nobody wants to admit that even the cleanest artist should be allowed todrop the occasional profanity because that’s how real people talk.

Google Music


But we guess ninnies deserve to listen to music too. Small problem: Google Music is messing with both the ninnies and the adults.

Google Music offers the ability to scan your music library and update it without you having to upload any songs, which is incredibly useful. The problem is that the service can’t quite distinguish between the “radio edit” and the actual song itself, especially if there’s only one or two profanities removed from the song. It’s harder to scan for, apparently.

Fortunately, the problem is easy to solve… if a bit annoying. You simply go to the inoffensive track, right click on it, and select “Fix Incorrect Match”. You’ll automatically upload the correct version.

It’s not exactly an ideal solution, but at least you can fix the problem. Google really needs to invest in profanity-detecting software, and perhaps draft a Profanity Protection Policy.

Google Music Censoring Swears For Some Users [Wired]

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