‘Grand Theft Auto 4’ starring Angry Birds and Morgan Freeman

by 5 years ago

One is an excellent melding of two games in one. Whereas the other makes no damn sense.

First is a little something that some people are actually complaining about. They state that the Angry Birds don’t behave like they do in their normal digs. And sure, you’re not slinging them around, but they’re still sh*t up and seem super pissed, which is good enough fro me…

It’s worth noting how I find the actual Angry Birds games all boring as hell, and now know why; I’d much rather blow away NYPD cop cars than some stupid habitant maintained by green pigs.

Moving on, someone thought it would be a good idea to create a GTA IV mod that stars Morgan Freeman. Best part? He’s dressed up as Gordan Freeman, of Half-Life fame (man, two HL related posts in one day; that’s a new record, or something)…

There’s just something about the way he blinks in the very beginning that I find INSANELY creepy.

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