Guy captures shoplifter in the middle of live TV interview about crime

By 06.26.13

WFTV in Florida went to interview a supermarket manager about shoplifting in his store. He then leapt into action when he saw a man who’d shoplifted from the shop just days prior…while being filmed by the camera crew.

The manager, Lenin Ubiera-Cruz, previously saw the man stuffing eggs and meat down his pants in order to get it out of the store.

The man was arrested, jailed for five days, and fined $273 for the shoplifting crimes.

You have to love the calm way Ubiera-Cruz dealt with the situation. Based off his disposition, he could have either been putting a guy in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu choke hold or putting a baby to sleep. “Shh shh, I got you.” The guy might not have been excited to get arrested but I bet the reassurance felt nice for a moment or two.

(via NY Daily News)


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