Guy reunites with gorilla he raised as his son

by 4 years ago

Damian Aspinall raised a gorilla named Kwibi like his son for five years before returning the animal to the wilds of West Africa. When he found the gorilla five years later, the gorilla’s reaction might make it get a little dusty.

Kwibi must have some serious abandonment issues after that. Raise him for five years, ditch him, come back and then immediately ditch him again? Dick move, Damian.

Either way, pretty sure this is how Planet of the Apes began. It’s all fun and games when you’re romantically feeding each other leaves. Then, bam, he feels rejected, we’re all enslaved and the Statue of Liberty is under sand. Couldn’t just stay and get yourself some gorilla wives for yourself, could you. (via Reddit)


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