Hackers have done a real number on Origin

by 5 years ago

Electronic Arts’ digital distribution system Origin has been crippled by computer HAXXORs and the end result is a massive headache for anyone affected.


A few days ago, Origin’s security was cracked wide open. No one knows as of yet how many user accounts have been compromised exactly, but it’s not looking good. This all seems reminiscent of the summer of 2011, which hackers took down the PlayStation Network, but from the early looks of things, this might actually be a far worse scenario.

The real issue is how, due to EA’s own security protocols, victims are unable to log into their accounts to survey the true extent of the damage and make necessary changes. And when they try calling customer service… which is legendary for being piss poor… the basic response is “get lost” because they cannot verify their birthdate. Since they’ve all been changed by the hackers.

True, if someone claims to not be able to access their account and is not able to provide the date of birth on record, it certainly sounds like a schemer, but if they’re getting hundreds, perhaps thousands of similar calls in just a few days, someone at management should have connected the dots. Though there has been no real official statement from EA on the matter.

It’s a HUGE mess. At least Sony was super apologetic, whereas EA seems to give a rat’s ass. And all of a sudden, everyone voting them as the worst company in America a little while back is making a whole lot of sense.

There’s a NeoGAF thread that details all the steps various people are taking to get control of their accounts, and how it’s mostly futile sadly. To find out if you’ve been hacked, it’s simple: try logging into your account. If you can’t, you’ve probably been hacked. With virtually zero recourse.

From there, contact your bank or credit card and explain the situation immediately.

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