‘Halo 4’ has been leaked

By 10.15.12

Microsoft’s biggest game of the year, Halo 4, which was supposed to come out November 6th, is out in the wild for some unexplained reason. And thus the witch-hunt has officially begun.


Pictures of final retail copies began showing up in places like NeoGAF and Reddit late last week, which some figured were fake (or simply reviewers’ copies). But once Microsoft confirmed that a leak had indeed occured, everyone gave out a collective “oh shi-“ and all hell broke loose. Needless to say, the publisher is not happy, plus the developers are bummed…

Over the weekend, footage from the off limits game has been populating YouTube, including the ending. Which I personally have not seen, though I know already what happens, thanks to a-holes who have been spilling the beans via the comment sections in many popular gaming blogs that have written about the matter.

But if you feel differently, knock yourselves out. Though good luck with tracking down footage; Microsoft is apparently, and not surprisingly, being mighty aggressive and having such clips yanked as fast as they can.

It also goes without saying that the game is now available via all the usual torrent sites, and MS is trying their best to tackle those as well. By the way, a word of warning for those who wish to actually play the game, no matter the means:

The game comes in two discs. One is the single player campaign, and the other for multiplayer. Not only is the later useless since the servers are not up, for obvious reasons, but you’ll give off a homing beacon for MS, who will thusly issue you a permaban on Xbox Live.

It’s even believed that MS can detect players who engage in the single player mode. Basically, you have been warned.

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