9 health-related reasons women should want sex

by 5 years ago
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Health Reasons Women Should Want Sex

crazytales562, Flickr

Unless they're in a committed and happy relationship, women tend to (tend to, I said) need multiple reasons for hopping in the sack with a lover. These reasons usually just manifest themselves into an overall feeling of yes or no, but the point is that it's so much more complicated than men, who usually just cite "sex" as the reason for…WANTING TO HAVE SEX. That's a head-scratcher, I know.

But, if women only knew the health benefits sex has to offer, then maybe their sex drive wouldn't drop off while their boyfriends are still at 18-year-old levels. Someone should make a guide to be shared with all sexually active women-folk. Oh, wait someone's already done that? Yes it’s true, and you're reading it.

Just keep in mind that if you’re a selfish or inept lover, then this won’t do much good for your girl (i.e. she’s going to need to magna cum laude to enjoy the benefits detailed below). What are you waiting for? Spread the gospel!

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sprout_creative, Flickr

Orgasms lead to a state of relaxation. It’s the reason that many feel immobilized after the damn deed is done. You can’t pay for that type of tension relief. Oh wait, yeah I guess you can…

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lululemon athletica, Flickr

Screw the gym; stay home and burn fat and calories the ways the Romans used to do it! (Sans slave torture or group orgies in the grand throne room, of course.) Lose weight, boost your stamina and maintain or build muscle mass for an increased metabolism all at once. It’s a win/win/win. So much win!

Photo credit: lululemon athletica, Flickr


The Wicked Soul, Flickr

Again, sex can be a very good work out, strengthening your cardiovascular system and minimizing the effects that aging can have on a heart.

Photo credit: The Wicked Soul, Flickr


julianlimjl, Flickr

Orgasms are apparently so satisfying that you won’t be hungry anymore after having one. I suppose that’s a stretch, but they do release natural amphetamines that reduce cravings. Not that I’m suggesting you should eat all that Indian take-out you just ordered before sex…because honestly, that could get pretty tragic.

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cheetah100, Flickr

There was a study done involving 3,500 women over a 10 year span where the scientists found that participants who looked the youngest for their age had reported having sex 3+ times per week as opposed to the control group of women who were having sex around twice per week. Let’s stay young.

Photo credit: cheetah100, Flickr

Self Esteem

Alaskan Dude, Flickr

If you’re having sex often and begin to get used to the vulnerability of it all, then it’s not actually vulnerability anymore, is it? The more sex you have with the right person, the easier it becomes to accept your body, your attitude toward it and the needs of yourself and your partner.

Photo credit: Alaskan Dude, Flickr

Pain Reliever

crazytales562, Flickr

Would you really rather take Tylenol instead of having a big, fat orgasm? That was a rhetorical question, so don’t be ridiculous. Orgasms are a natural pain reliever. Headaches? Gone. Menstrual cramps? OBLITERATED. Okay, perhaps that’s not a very good word to describe pain relief, but you get it.

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milah.keeler, Flickr

It’s like being shot gently with a tranquilizer dart, if such a thing exists. This will help you get to sleep and stay asleep better.

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tetraconz, Flickr

…so go for it!

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(Originally published on May 16, 2012.)

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