Hot female Israeli soldiers pole dance on a rifle

By 06.13.13

A week and a half ago, photos of foxy Israeli soldiers in various stages of undress leaked on the Internet. This week, there’s a video of them pole dancing on a rifle because war, huh, what is it good for. Sort of NSFW.

The important thing to remember is that serving time in the Israeli army is mandatory if you want to be a citizen. Not everyone is actually cut out for the military life. Who’s to say that these girls wouldn’t be better serving their country by doing the running man while showing off their well-shaped tan-lined booty? Not this guy.

And that’s why I’m declaring my candidacy to be named a general in the Israeli army. What I lack in wartime experience outside of Call of Duty, I make up for with a willingness to hook up with Jewish girls and a love of bagels. Also, one time, I ate lox. Beat that.


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