How Plan B stops you from ruining your life

by 5 years ago

Unlike magnets, we know exactly how Plan B works. This simple video will teach you everything you need to know about not polluting the gene pool.

Plan B might give dogs a run for their money in terms of man’s best friend. I use man in the general sense, because women certainly reap the same benefit. People can preach all they want about abstinence and safe sex, but the first is not feasible and the second isn’t always in your hands. As someone who’s broken a condom on multiple occasions, I am well aware of just how necessary and awesome Plan B is. And no, that’s not a humblebrag; I wish it was.

It’s nice to have some clear, concise facts for the next time you get in an argument with a Bible thumper. Who says YouTube is just for cats and fat people falling?

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