How to be on Facebook and Twitter and not have your house broken into

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There are many reasons to hate Facebook, as a company (Facebook as a social phenomenon is an entirely separate problem). The biggest, though, is that they seem to want to give their users all the tools they need to be a passive-aggressive douche, with features like “Places”, where you can be “checked in” against your will.

And, yes, Locations on Facebook, as well as Foursquare, and Twitter are setting your ass up to be robbed. But only if you’re stupid about using them. Here’s three steps to protect yourself.

– Get the hell off of Foursquare. First and foremost, nobody cares that you’re the mayor of the nearby Starbucks. Secondly, it’s a convenient way to tell thieves that you’re not in your house.

– Disable Places on Facebook. It was only enabled by Facebook in the first place to collect data about where you go during the day so they can sell you stuff, and frankly, it’s a little irritating Facebook wants to be that far up your rectum anyway. Here’s a step-by-step guide to disabling it. Make sure you prevent your friends from checking you in as well.

– Don’t tweet that you’re going to be gone for excessive amounts of time. In fact, try to avoid tweeting your location unless you have to.

Do all that and you won’t get robbed. Well, at least by a thief that checks Facebook and Twitter.

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