How to turn a pumpkin into an awesome party keg

by 5 years ago

The main attraction of any Halloween party is the less than dignified women’s costumes strutting around the room, but that doesn’t mean decorations aren’t important. Turning a pumpkin into a serving bowl is a simple way to spice up your drinking for the night.

Carving pumpkins was fun as a kid, but now we need something more practical. Making a pumpkeg is just the thing to make your party stand out. I’d get the biggest pumpkin you can find though because you aren’t going to want to be constantly refilling it. I’m fully on board for Sam Adams “Octoberfest,” or you can be a little more holiday appropriate with Southern “Tier Pumking.” Either way, it’s time to get pumdrunk!

There I Fixed It: How to Make a Pumpkin Keg [Cheezburger]

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