Ilford HP5+ Disposable: Disposable cameras get classy

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Instagram is a terrible thing, and one of the worst things it’s done is convince people black and white photography is just color photography with the hue slider set to zero. It’s not. Real black and white photography is rich, beautiful, and probably one of the biggest pains in the ass to shoot and develop.



So Ilford, a British company, is taking the work out of it, albeit not the cost.

They’re putting their silver gelatin film inside a disposable camera. This is some fairly high-end stuff: Perhaps not the absolute epitome of black-and-white film, but it does offer you the ability to use some pretty good and well-respected film without having to invest in processing equipment.

Otherwise, it’s your standard disposable camera, complete with flash. Just point, shoot, turn the little crank, and then mail it back to Ilford for processing.

Which is where the expensive part comes in. The camera itself will run about $15, and for processing, you’ll have to ship it back to Ilford… which is located in the UK. But, hey, it’ll be worth it just to pull out ridiculously gorgeous photos of that coworker’s birthday party.

Ilford Single Use Cameras [Ilford Photography]

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