Important questions and useless information about Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’ Super Bowl ad

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Yesterday, we posted one of Budweiser’s Super Bowl ads, about the charming friendship between a little golden retriever puppy and a horse. But the ad left me with a lot of questions that we all need answers to.

Like many of you, I watched the ad approximately five times yesterday when it was first released. It’s got a puppy, it’s got the Budweiser horses, it’s adorable. But today it really got the better of me and, frankly, there’s a lot I need to learn.

While trying to watch some YouTube video — basically a requirement to do this job at Guyism — the minute-long ad came on. I could have skipped the ad after five seconds. I didn’t. I sat there and watched the entire thing, presumably the first time this has ever happened in the history of YouTube.

Not only did I watch the entire thing, I then clicked through on the ad and watched it FOUR TIMES IN A ROW again.

But it didn’t stop there. You know the song in the video? It’s a relatively recent hit from Passenger called “Let Her Go”. So I listened to that two times on Spotify, though I quickly found it wasn’t quite the same as listening to it with the ad.

Not having gotten enough about this story of interspecies friendship — HASHTAG BESTBUDS — I then watched the Behind the Scenes footage Budweiser posted:

Did you know that it’s always the same dude in these Budweiser commercials and that his name is Don Jeanes? Because I do now. He was raised ON A FARM so that adds an extra layer of credibility to all of his horse-human interactions with the Clydesdales.

Did you also know that the next door neighbor chick is a woman named Melissa Keller who was once a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model? Because she was, back in 2003 and 2004! Here’s a video to serve as proof:

Despite this wealth of Budweiser “Puppy Love” ad knowledge — presumably information that has forced out unnecessary items in my brain like trigonometry or what to do if a fire occurs — there are still a lot of questions that arise for me on the 37th and 38th viewings of the commercial:

-How liberally is Melissa Keller’s character using the Warm Springs Puppy Adoption name for her business? Because, at best, she seems more like a breeder than a licensed no-kill shelter. At worst, she may legitimately be running a puppy mill. Might explain why this puppy keeps running away.

-Are the Don Jeanes and Melissa Keller characters banging? The whole ad, I’m waiting for them to be brought together by this dog-horse friendship, and the end of the ad seems to be leaning that way, but this could easily just be a case of neighborly bonding:

puppy love ad



-How traumatized is this guy who tried to adopt the puppy? Like it’s supposed to be a big moment of friendship conquering all but, in reality, we just witnessed horses committing organized crime to free the puppy from his rightful owner. That’s some straight Planet of the Apes-style uprising there and it’s kind of uncomfortable how quickly it’s glossed over that these horses basically strong-armed a guy out of his proprerty.

-Did that guy get a refund from Warm Springs Puppy Adoption? As discussed, they might not be the most reputable place and I feel like they’ve probably got a pretty strict returns policy. At best, I’m thinking this guy left with a store credit.

-What’s the other horses’ stake in the puppy being returned back? I’m sure the pup’s cool and all but it’s not like they have the attachment that the other horse had. Did the one horse call in a favor?

-Do horses have favors?

-Why is it a Budweiser employee’s job to take care of horses? What do horses have to do with mass-producing beer? Are horses a secret ingredient in their beers? What aren’t you telling us, Budweiser?

-Did Don Jeanes’ character adopt the puppy? Did Melissa Keller’s lady? Did the horse?

-Why does Don Jeanes have less than 600 followers on Twitter? As a fairly iconic advertising figure, he may need some help managing his brand strategy.

-Do you think Don Jeanes’ character and Melissa Keller’s character didn’t get together because Don Jeanes loves Canadian tuxedos just a little too much?

canadian tuxedo


I think that about covers my initial wave of inquiries. If anyone has answers, or questions that consume you as much as this has me, please feel free to drop them in the comments.

dog horse




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