iOS 6 is out now, already getting hacked

By 09.20.12

Wow, that didn’t take long. On the verge of the iPhone 5 hitting the market, and iOS 6 becoming publicly available, a group of hackers have announced they’ve cracked the software’s security.

ios 6


The good news is that these are the white hats.

Every year hackers from around the world gather for the Pwn2Own contest, where they take on a popular computer system of some sort. These nerds used a weakness in WebKit, which is what Safari uses to format web pages like this one, and grabbed the address book, photos, videos, and browser history from a fully patched and updated iPhone 4S. The takedown also worked on the developer version of iOS 6, so your fancy new iPhone can theoretically already be raided by, well, pretty much any shmuck who knows his computer science.

The good news is that it’s not code in the phone itself. The bad news is that all the attack requires is for you to visit a malicious web page; you don’t even need to click on anything to trigger it and it can embedded anywhere on the page.

In short, only visit trusted sites on your iPhone, or your friends might start getting some very annoying spam calls.

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