IR Blue is a thermal imaging camera, iPhone gadget, you’ll actually use

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Why, you might ask, would I need a thermal imaging camera? If the answer to that is “because I want to look through the eyes of a Predator,” the buy link is under the jump. For the rest of you, if you own a car, or live in a building, this actually will come in handy. Like, a lot.

The IR Blue is a thermal imaging sensor and app combination that substantially cuts the cost of thermal imaging. It’s not remotely high resolution, but it does work:

It also tells you the temperature of the object you’re focused on. It’s not Mythbusters-grade gear, but it doesn’t need to be high-resolution to be handy around the house.

If you live in an older building and are sick of freezing your ass off, use this to locate drafts and plug other heat leaks. If you’re driving and think your car may be overheating, pull over and check your engine temperature with an exact reading.

In short, while you probably won’t use the IR Blue every day, you probably will use it often enough to justify the $175 price. Besides, plugging that draft once and for all? It’s a wonderful feeling.

IR Blue [Kickstarter]

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