Iran fighting a money-eating computer virus. Seriously.

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We don’t usually talk about cyber-security on here, because it’s usually a bunch of nerds doing nerdy things to other bunches of nerds. On the other hand, whenever Iran gets targeted, it’s usually something insane, like a virus that destroys nuclear facilities. Iran has already dealt with that and the infamous Flame, which stole contact information from thousands of computers.

Whitecat SG, Flickr

Now, there’s yet another virus, and it’s trying to destroy banks. No, not rob. Destroy.

Here’s how it works: Essentially, the money-eating computer virus targets financial databases, looking for specific terms like “savings,” “bonds,” and “installment loans.” Once it finds it, it ruins that database. As in permanently.

Put it to you this way. Say somebody owes you fifty bucks, and you’ve got it down on paper. This virus is the equivalent of burning that IOU, except it’s burning millions of them at once. Sure, it’s a good deal for the guy with the car loan, but for the bank it might as well have been money shoveled into the furnance.

There’s no word on how effective it’s been, but this is Iran, the country that tries to use Photoshop to seem more badass. We’re pretty sure we won’t know exactly what’s happening until they get their Army repossessed.

Money-Destroying Virus Attacks Iran [Gizmodo]

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