Is this Mitt Romney making a gay joke in his high school yearbook?

By 10.23.12

Currently going viral on Facebook and Twitter is this homophobic photo that alleges to be from Mitt Romney’s high school yearbook. Real? Fake? You decide!

Unfortunately, despite thousands of Facebook shares and retweets including varying degrees of horror, the photo is just a mock-up from Vanity Fair. Great work by them. “Uproarious old Mitt does his best Liberace!” sounds like something that would have been in a 1920s newsreel.

Homophobia aside, I wish it were real because that is quite an impressive Liberace impersonation. I mean, he doesn’t so much have the voice or the style or the singing or the personality or the charisma or mannerisms. But the stereotypical gay part indicated by an effeminate stance and a limp wrist? 10/10. Perfect. The guy on the left holding his side as though it were literally splitting definitely agrees.

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