A trip to New York Comic Con, as a First Person Shooter

By 12.03.12

Instead of shooting throngs of costumed dorks, you’re mostly just standing in line behind them, and trying not to piss your pants. That is, until you’re cosplaying as Deadpool.

Like many comic book sites, Bleeding Cool took their cameras to the New York Comic Con a few months back. But unlike most others, they decided to portray their trip as if it was as a First Person Shooter.

It’s a neat clip, but sadly, it doesn’t go nearly enough. I mean, where’s the part in which you…

– See how long you can sit through the Avengers Vs. X-Men panel without passing out from the smell in the room.

– Avoid making eye contact with exhibitors in the small press alley.

– Avoid the 500 pound dorks who’s making a bad dash to the Marvel booth because they just started selling the limited edition, con exclusive Drunk Iron Man statue (for a bargain basement price of $499).

– Attempt to take a picture of the pathetic, haggard pro wrestlers who charge $15 a pop for a snapshot (which will be how they eat that night, but that’s still too much, sorry).

– Attempt to take a picture of the cosplaying hottie. But first, guess the age, in hopes that she’s not 15 and therefore not feel like a total pathetic, perverted loser (which is something I play at Comic Cons way too much).

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