It’s Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris, in pseudo-video game form

By 09.13.12

If anyone was to actually make a Way of the Dragon video game, it would look a lot like this.

Which is to say, it would simply be footage of the movie, with QTE (or Quick Time Events, which was popularized in the Dreamcast classic Shenmue, and has since been adopted by countless games, including God of War and Heavy Rain to name a few) prompts slapped on.

Why? Well you’ve heard of the Bruce Lee curse, right? No, the other one, in which virtually any studio or developer that dares to make a game based on the martial arts master has gone out of business (not helping is how they all did such piss poor jobs).

Though I’m honestly shocked that there hasn’t been a Chuck Norris video game, if only to cash in on that lame internet meme (that still exists today in some corner of the web, sadly).

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