It’s impossible to tell if this ‘Farmville’ infomercial is a joke or not

by 6 years ago

I realize that Farmville is still a big deal with certain folks. Probably not with anyone who actually frequents Guyism, but perhaps said person’s girlfriend, sister, mom, etc. If so, maybe they’d be interested in Farmville Secrets?

First off, the above is like every other late night infomercial you’ve drunken stumbled across, one that’s all about investing getting your ass out of the poor house and making bank, by investing in real estate. Except someone swapped out any reference to real properties with virtual ones.

But this is where it gets kinda wacky: the title of the YouTube clip is Farmville Commercial!! (Facebook Parody #1), so you’d think it’s fake, right? But as one commentor says: “Was that a parody? Cause it felt like a legit SH*T commercial…”.

The description by the vid’s uploader makes things even more confusing; the video references a guide called Farmville Secrets, but the link (aside from the over abundance of SEO optimized words) sends one to a site that’s advertising a totally different tome called Farmville Champion.

Huh? And while doing a Google search for the aforementioned Farmville Secrets, I thought I had stumbled across its homepage. But instead, I was redirected to a THIRD thing called Farmvill Champ.

So, what’s my point? Umm, I don’t really have one? Other than, Jesus, Farmville is serious business, and infomercials now exist for video games. Facebook games no less. Well, it is 2012 after all…

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