It’s not ‘blackface’ when you’re dressing up as Michael Jackson!

By 10.31.12


Toronto Maple Leafs center Tyler Bozak dressed up as Michael Jackson for Halloween. Tyler Bozak is white. Michael Jackson is/was black…sorta. Actually, I’m not entirely sure how to classify the King of Pop but that’s beside the point.

Bozak is getting heat because he painted his face black to accurately portray Jackson. A move some people refer to as “blackface.” A term that needs to be investigated further should our society continually throw it around so loosely.

Bozak was forced to defend himself tweeting, “That’s a tribute to one of my fave artists. For anyone saying its racist is crazy!”

Yep, crazy would be one way of saying it. Stupid another. I’d even go as far as calling people ignorant for tooting the racist horn.

Folks, let’s focus on real, actual racism in sports. A banana thrown at Wayne Simonds, ethnic slurs against soccer players in Europe, and Spanish basketball players mocking Asians.

Those are things we should have civil discourse about. Things that actually matter in the grand scheme of cultural and racial divide. But this? Nah, this is just a waste of everyone’s time man. Move on.

Tyler Bozak joins NHL Halloween blackface club as Michael Jackson (PHOTO) [Puck Daddy]
Photo via @WraparoundCurl

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