It’s the elderly reacting to ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’

by 5 years ago

Turns out, old people are a lot like you and I when it comes to today’s video games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Either the Fine Brothers, were able to find some unusually super cool elderly folk, or many of our biases about them are totally base. Because these grandmas and grandpas do not get nearly as upset or freaked out as one might expect…

In fact, compared to many hardcore gamers (who reacted rather negatively to the trailer’s unveiling at E3 this summer, and for reasons that even I’m still not entirely clear on), these old fogies are positively chill. Their observations are also fairly spot-on:

The camera work is indeed awesome, the character models do look kind of creepy, explosions are totally cool, it’s great if you like shooting people, it actually might be an effective tool to teach kids the horrors of war, plus it truly is amazing for a video game.

Basically, they’re able to appreciate Black Ops 2 on a level that most jaded gamers are no longer able to.

Also, the next time when explaining how video games are not desensitizing kids to violence, I’ll be sure to be bring up Led Zeppelin as well. Been looking for a solid example, and now I finally have one. Thanks gramps!

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