It’s totally cool, you can be a jerk in ‘Halo 4’ after all

by 5 years ago

Remember those lifetime bannings that would happen if you were caught being a jerk to girls in Halo 4? Not happening after-all.

First off, check out this video of Master Chief acting like a total prick…

That was from the Israeli launch of not just the game but the Xbox 360 itself. Quite the attitude for being seven years later to the party.

Speaking of sh*t talk, remember the other day, when it was reported how anyone caught harassing female players during an online Halo 4 match would get a lifetime ban? Turns out, that’s not going to be the case.

According to Destructoid, while Microsoft is not thrilled with harassment of any kind, there will be no special kind of enforcement either. Basically, the rules are consistent across all games, but more importantly, being a sexist jerk is no different that being a racist jerk or homophobic jerk.

Which was why many were pissed with the women behind Halo 4 in the first place, since it was assumed that they believe that sexism was in fact worse than all that.

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