Japanese publisher using American dorks to sell pervy games

by 5 years ago

Because there is no greater ego boost than knowing people across the globe are such fanatics of your culture that they’re willing to make themselves outcasts in their own.

So there’s a Japanese game called Dream Club, which is basically a dating sim (a popular genre in those parts) where the girls you’re into all work at a hostess club. Think strip club but the girls are dressed like maids and show a bit less skin.

There have been numerous installments for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and is just one of those titles that’s so Japanese that it may never come Stateside. But makers of the game are well aware of the interest, which is not enough to capitalize upon, but enough to make fun of the faithful.

Which in turn is also a means to sell more copies to their brethren? Apparently. And for better or worse, the cartoony caricatures above are totally on the money, right down to needlessly using Japanese words in regular conversation and owning a full body-sized pillow case with an anime chick on it.

Unfortunately, I can’t talk: I’m way too proud of my love for Japanese curry, which is pathetic single guy’s food over there, and collected figures of Japanese girls as well. Which also means that I’d personally love to see Dream Club come out here in America as well!

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