Jay Kickliter has a way better business card than you do

By 11.06.12

There are many great business cards out there. I’m particularly fond of Kevin Mitnick‘s: His business card is a complete set of lockpicking tools punched out of steel. Seriously, it might actually be against the law to have his business card on your person in some states.

Jay Kickliter, though, has my second favorite, and it won’t get you arrested.

Kickliter, an electrical engineer, decided to show off his skills with a business card that does, well, see for yourself:

Amazingly, Kickliter is his actual name. Also amazingly, this card is legit. The card itself lights up thanks to it being capacitive touch-capable, and it even has a simple low-power mode that allows it to still light up weeks or even months after it gets tossed into a drawer.

Granted, having a card that lights up like a Christmas tree isn’t cheap. After a first run at the card that cost too much, Kickliter wound up with one that costs $8 per to make.

On the other hand, it’s also made him a viral Internet sensation, so it was worth the cash.

Touch-Enabled Business Card [Chasing ‘Trons]

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