Jerry Jones was locked out of the Cowboys locker room

by 5 years ago

America’s team fell to 3-5 last night and the season is on the brink of spiraling out of control. Owner Jerry Jones headed to the locker room after the loss and was treated quite rudely with a locked door.

Cue angry Jerry.

Why doesn’t video of this exist? If there was one time, just one time we needed someone to bust out cell phone video, this was it. Damn you Falcon employees! Damn you all to hell.

In somewhat related news, Jason Garrett needs to win and needs to do it now. His job is on the line. Should the Cowboys come up short of the playoffs, he’ll be handed walking papers. His successor? Probably Sean Payton, who will go into the 2012 season as a coaching free agent.

And in more related news, here’s Jerry Jones finally making it into the locker room.

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