JetBlue to make inflight WiFi not suck

by 5 years ago

There’s a lot I hate about airlines. The pointless security theater, the stupid rules about gadgets on takeoff and landing, the fact that it’s generally cheaper and safer to ship my luggage to the hotel via FedEx than it is to try and check it at the airport (try it next time you travel: I learned it from a business traveler and I haven’t checked a bag in years). So terrible WiFi is a bit down the list.

jetblueBut it’s still on the list, and JetBlue wants to remove it.

JetBlue has accidentally leaked an internal memo that boils down to three points:

1) Most air travelers like WiFi.

2) Most in-air WiFi is expensive and crappy.

3) If we have cheap and good in-air WiFi, we will sell more tickets.

As airline memos go, it’s pretty sensible. The catch is that if you want to do anything other than check email and look at websites, you’ll have to shell out. But even just knowing I can get decent WiFi for free makes me want to book on JetBlue. They’ll start installing the WiFi in early 2013.

JetBlue To Roll Out Free WiFi in 2013 [The Verge]

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