Kahlúa Midnight makes a run at best new shot

by 5 years ago

Colin Joliat

The number of delicious single-ingredient shots just went up by one with the introduction of Kahlúa Midnight. This rum and black coffee liqueur is a big winner for the brand best known as The Dude’s favorite mixer.

Like I so often do with a new product, I lured a group of friends to my apartment to use as guinea pigs. Not many were interested in what I was trying to pour by name alone, but I had already tried it an knew they’d see the light of Midnight. I’ve already put them through the process of wary to enamored with Patron XO Cafe, which is essentially the tequila version of Kahlúa Midnight. They trusted me then, and I used that as leverage to get them to faithfully follow me yet again. As I walked around the room pouring people chilled shots, the reactions were all the same. “That’s actually pretty damn good.” Five minutes later, “Where’d that bottle go?”

Unlike it’s breadwinning brother, which is a measly 40-proof and meant to use as a mixer, Kahlúa Midnight comes in a 70-proof. That’s the same as most flavored vodkas. It’s main purpose is chilled shots, and it serves that purpose dutifully. It may well be my favorite new shot of 2012.

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