Kangaroo water bottle keeps your stuff out of your pockets

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If you run or hike, inevitably you run into the problem of pockets. Keeping stuff in them means various levels of discomfort, but you probably need, say, your house keys.

contigo kangaroo


The Kangaroo water bottle from Contigo solves this problem quite handily, using a method the name has probably already given away.

Yep, there’s a pocket on the side of the bottle. Not much of one, really: It’s big enough to hold a card or two, a house key, and a small amount of cash. Then again, you probably don’t need much on your run anyway.

The bottle itself is a fairly straightforward water bottle, made of non-BPA plastic and able to hold 24 ounces of liquid. It is, of course, dishwasher safe. It also has Contigo’s AUTOSEAL system, which means the bottle only opens at the press of a button; no button, no water, which means no spills.

True, it won’t replace a wallet in most situations, but if you go on long travels and need to save some weight or jingling, it’ll work well for you. You can find it in stores for $13.00.

Kangaroo [Contigo]

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