Keg Works’ Brew Cave is the best walk-in beer cooler ever

by 6 years ago

I frequently hosted parties back when I was cool but always ran into the same problem. The fridge could only hold 6-8 cases of beer once you account for my condiments. Keg Works has solved that issue with their Brew Cave Walk-in Cooler and Kegerator.


This slice of icy cold heaven can hold 30 cases and 4 kegs. If you can go through more than that in a month let alone a night, my drinking hats off to you. The fact that it functions as a kegerator also means you can go big with your barrels without worrying about wasting 15 gallons of beer because none of your friends actually exists.

Fortunately without people to hang out with, you’ll have plenty of time to earn the $6,350 that it costs so you can payoff your new credit card bill. You want it to come with a floor? That’ll be an extra $400. Oh, and don’t forget the $520 to have it shipped to your soon-to-be party palace.

Walk-In Beer Cooler Is the Only Dorm Room You’ll Ever Need [Gizmodo]

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