KFC to go completely boneless

by 5 years ago
USA Today

USA Today

In what seems like a late April Fools Day joke, KFC announced it will no longer be developing chicken on the bone products and is introducing new boneless chicken this month. This is no joke though.

There are plenty of boneless chicken products on the market including at KFC. This is different. While chicken strips and boneless wings are typically made of all white meat, KFC is offering the same light and dark meat pieces as the normal meals to which you’re accustomed, only without the bones.

It’s a somewhat tricky picture to wrap your head around, which is why KFC is rolling out a major advertising campaign to support the new products. The nationwide commercials will feature customers eating an entire piece of chicken and then panicking because they think they must have eaten the bones. The intention is to convince the customers that this is the same chicken they’re used to, only easier.

The new KFC boneless chicken hits stores on April 14th, so you better get in line now. USA Today has the full story, including interviews and the commercials I mentioned. If you ask me, KFC should just eliminate all products except the Double Down and the Failure Pile in a Sadness Bowl. That would accomplish the same objectives and be far more entertaining.


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